Matthew Shuck is a compulsive storyteller from Salem (specifically Keizer but no one knows where Salem is, much less Keizer) Oregon. He writes stories in an ill-fated attempt to get them out of his head, always assuming that at the end of each he will find a peace which never comes. Often, instead, he finishes one with three more working their way into his psyche, begging to be poured onto the next blank page.

From horror to children’s stories to satirical comedies to dystopian sci-fi, Matthew Shuck explores every facet of what it means to be human in as interesting a way as he knows how. Matthew works a full time job with side work on his weekends to help support his beautiful family. This means the bulk of his writing happens at 5am before the rest of the family begins stirring and his fatherly duties take priority. On those rare days when Matthew isn’t behind a computer either at work or at home, he can be found taking his family on hikes and day trips throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon’s beautiful coastline, or the high desert east of the Cascades.

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