Friday Update (09-01-2017)

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks since my last Friday update. My free book giveaway ended with 160 total books given away. Thanks for participating! Amazon is allowing one more day during this cycle to put it out for free and I’ve decided that tomorrow, September 2nd, is as good as any so if you are interested in getting a copy but can’t bare to part with the whopping $2.99 you can get a free copy on Saturday.

So far the sale hasn’t materialized any new reviews, which was the purpose of the sale, so in that respect it was not the success I’d hoped for. Perhaps in the coming weeks, months, and years reviews will come in. Wait, let me obsessively click the update button one more time… Nope, nothing yet. Maybe now? Nope. I’ll try again once this post is finished.

I took the week of the eclipse off from writing/editing/rewriting and instead took my family on a small vacation for the end of summer/back to school kickoff, but once that week was over I was back on schedule diving into my upcoming book for its first rewrite.

The characters and scenes are being flushed out, honed, and expanded. I’m three chapters into it as of the time of this writing and it’s expanded from 106k words to over 108k already. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if by the time I get to the editing and proofreading stages it is at or over 120k.

I’ve contacted my local new and used booksellers to see if they would be interested in displaying my book. Two have come back to me so far. One wants $20 for the privilege with the option of sending the copies back to me at my own cost if they don’t sell. The other said that if I brought them a few copies they would display them and “see how it goes.”

As a working father and husband just starting out with no solid data on whether or not people even like the book, coming up with the money for discounted copies is difficult and the $20 bucks extra will be difficult to come up with, especially knowing I might end up with all the copies collecting dust in my garage for the next twenty years. I’ve got five ordered and will test the waters with the place that is willing to display them for me for free.

Fingers crossed!

Until next time,

Matthew Shuck


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