Wayline – Coming December 14th

It’s taken about two years to go from conceptualization, rough outlines, and research, to the nearly finished product I have today. Wayline has been a labor of love and tears. 112k words, roughly 400 pages printed out.

About a dozen drafts in the dustbin has humbled me as a writer, as I’ve worked countless hours, both before and after my actual job, and on weekends to make this my best book yet.

There have been many highs and lows on this journey from making the cover myself, to editing and rewriting. At one point I thought I’d be able to find an agent and that this would be my “big break” into the publishing world, and there have been many times I’ve contemplated throwing the whole thing away and giving up.

Now I’m settled somewhere in that mushy in-between area where I’ve consoled myself to the fact this isn’t going to make a huge name for myself or replace my income to let me write full-time. But it is, in my opinion, a beautiful story of loss and redemption. A story of growth and forgiveness, and at the same time, a story of pain and regret.

I have Wayline all but ready to publish (with minor errors I’m still ironing out, of course. I’m only human,) and that’s where you come in. Every successful self-published book has reviews on its launch day, and after 5 unsuccessful launches, I’m finally learning that lesson for myself.

I need readers that are willing to receive a free copy of Wayline in advance of the release, in exchange for taking the time to write an honest review of it on Amazon on launch day.

So, what do you need to do to be a part of this crazy dream of mine? I have some stringent criteria for selecting Advance Readers to give copies to.

  1. Must be human with an active Amazon.com account (so that you can give a review on launch day)
  2. Must have the ability and time to read 112k word novel between now and December 14th
  3. Must be willing to take the time on that Friday (I’ll remind you via email a week before and the day of, but not spam your email any more than that) to write an honest review. (I’m not asking for “good” reviews, only honest) And the review should have a sentence in it that goes something like this, “I received an advance copy of this book for the purposes of reviewing it,” so that people know why you are reviewing something without a “verified” tag.
  4. Must have a working e-reader of some sort, (technically android and ios phones can use google reads/kindle app, but that can be a little more frustrating than using a traditional e-reader) and email address for me to send the attachments and follow up with.
  5. Must not be the type of person who will upload the file to a torrent site or free ebook site. Seriously, that would be just awful, please don’t do that.

Is that too much to ask? If so, no problem! I completely understand that it’s a lot to ask. People are busy. But if this sounds like something you might want to participate in, let me know!

My email is matt@mdshuck.com you can send me a message and I’ll send you a copy as an attachment (.mobi and .epub)

Thank you,

Matthew Shuck



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