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Sequels, and Other Bad Ideas picks up 3 years after the events of the last book. Sugar, Michael, George and their gregarious butler are on the search for a wedding gift for Nancy and Henry, but soon it becomes a rescue mission when they find out Nancy has been abducted by a new mysterious group called the Sheet.

Will they band together in time to rescue Nancy before her wedding?

If they do, will they remember to get a gift for the wedding?

Will George have his body taken over by a ghost with nefarious plans of his own?

Very probably

Simultaneously (although frankly, this has taken a back-burner to Sequels, and Other Bad Ideas because it’s not as fun to write,) I’m also working on an untitled series of novels exploring what the world, or at least the United States, would be like if the religious right took full control of the country.

First, the wall was built to keep them out, then it was expanded to all corners to keep us in. At age eighteen every citizen must be tested in accordance with the clergy’s ruling that all unclean must be marked.

These tests decide everything about the rest of your life, from what kind of job you’re allowed to have, to where you’re allowed to live. Your mark, a line on your neck, lets everyone know immediately what your sin was.

Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride marked as numerals on your neck, allowing the “clean” to judge you without having to know anything else about you.

On her way to her trial, Avery Lawson’s caravan was ambushed by the resistance. It’s not her fault she wasn’t able to attend the trials, but that doesn’t matter to the law. Now she’s a criminal to be hunted down just like those that captured her.

As yet untitled

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Sequels, and Other Bad Ideas

A little over a year ago I published my first novel, Space, and Other Bad Ideas. It was what we in the business call a “soft launch.” No real press aside from posting to my author pages on social media. No advanced copies sent out to prospective reviewers, no real idea how to use Amazon advertisements, and no plan on what to do if it were successful or a failure.

But I was excited. It was my thing, my baby. I created it, and I was proud as hell. After all, it had taken a year to write, another year to rewrite, and a year to sit on my computer waiting for me to work up the nerve to hit the publish button.

In that year the book has garnished 9 reviews, and 1,218 copies sold (the vast majority during several free book promotions)

Is that a commercial success? No.

Is that a personal success? Absolutely. People have read my book! On kindle unlimited, I’ve garnished 13,964 “pages read,” and for a 200-page book, I read that as it having been read possibly 70 times.

For that, I say THANK YOU! The reviews have been mostly positive, and those that have read it seem to have enjoyed it.

So that brings me to my question. I am compelled to dive back into the world of Space, and Other Bad Ideas. I want to revisit Sugar, the lizard-man with daddy issues, and George, the unluckiest man in the universe. I want to tell people about their mad-dashes across time and space once more.

But are sequels a good idea? Probably not.

What do you think? Did you read Space, and Other Bad Ideas? Would you like to read more?

I’ve already decided to go ahead with it, but I’d appreciate your input.

Sequels, and Other Bad Ideas — Summer, 2019 (maybe)