Friends of the Dark

updated kindle cover 2018
Friends of the Dark

Now with a bonus chapter from my novel, Space, and Other Bad Ideas!

Eight stories to unnerve children and parents alike. A curious boy sees more than his father realizes. Two kids fall into the trap of an ancient being. Separated from his friend in a dark forest, one boy finds more than he bargained for when he follows what he thinks are his friend’s tracks. A kid that plays terrible tricks on his younger brother. A child finds a book written by his father and wonders if it might be true. A princess finds her kingdom falling prey to an evil overlord and must flee to a forbidden forest to survive.

Stories of the macabre, horror, and loss. Fantastic new worlds of enchantments and upheaval will be sure to keep you on your toes.

Kindle U.S.A.  |  Paperback U.S.A.

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