Space, and Other Bad Ideas

The aliens descend from the heavens and find an unsuspecting and fruitful Earth. Seemingly random strangers are thrust together by a mysterious lizard in a fedora as they try to find a way to stop the alien menace.

They travel to the ends of the universe and back again, fighting against the clock and the Njoursayan alien fleet in pursuit (even though they do also make a time machine and use it on a regular basis) to find the mythical Crown of Truumlaupe which gives the bearer the ability to make anyone do whatever they want.

Together, they make their way to incredible worlds and find equally amazing characters along the way. They relentlessly pursue their goal of beating the Njoursayans, right until lunch when they detour to a cafeteria planet for a quick bite. But then it’s back to work until they happen to find themselves in an intergalactic roadblock because god herself was taking a Q & A in a neighboring galaxy.

Can they come together and figure out a way to save Earth before it’s too late? Will they get distracted and very probably lose? Will Nancy ever put her phone down?

Very probably.

Including a mysteriously cloaked warrior (tragic backstory, = check), an A.I. fused together love story (romantic innuendo = check), A father-son journey toward love and acceptance (with backstabbing and double-crosses = double check), a garden gnome with only one thing on his mind, collecting every dirty sock he can find (entire fantasy genre = check)

Space, and Other Bad Ideas – Kindle

Space, and Other Bad Ideas – PaperbackNew SaOBI cover - kindle