After the war that disseminated humanity, Hope is trying to rebuild her world in the shadows of the Wayline Empire. Her task is clear; she must bring a valuable package across the countryside for a mysterious collector. But when she finally arrives, she finds the Wayline are there already, scouring every inch of the small desolated town.
Who tipped them off that there was a collector in town? And why are they suddenly so interested in the day-to-day activities of the minuscule resistance? Hope knows there’s more than meets the eye.

She volunteers to embark on a dangerous mission to try and disrupt the Wayline communications systems, hoping to find out more about what the Wayline are planning. But just when she finds out their terrible secret, she’s captured.
Will she have what it takes to make it out of there safe? Will she rejoin the resistance? Or will she go to work for the very thing that destroyed her family to try to bring peace to the world?

The Wayline have a legend about the great Sabella, the light bringer who defeated the dark. Might Hope be the mysterious Sabella? The one destined to fight back against the darkness and bring light to the world?

Coming December 14th, in paperback and ebook

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